Take a break to free your mind with music…

B.O.B – My Sweet Baby 

Song samples the classic song by Mickey & Syliva called “Love Is Strange”.  I think its really creative and innovative for rappers to use classic songs as an element in the instrumentals for a new song from a rap artist.  Rap is one genre that tends to do this a lot and other music genres should take note.  Sampling an older song creates a sense of familiarity for its listeners and can create an connection even if the rapper inst liked or even if that specific music genre isnt preferred from the listener.  This betters your odds of reaching your auidence successfully, so maybe this is another concept that can be implemented in most business situations? 

Alex Clare – Too Close

I found a source of inspiration just from using an iPhone app to listen to a Tv commerical»>TRY IT you might by inspired by something like this…

I was recently watching Tv and a commerical came on for the new Internet Explorer 9, which is also a very good concept regardless of the music track in the background that caught my attention.  I remembered what commerical featured this unidentified song so I could use my SoundHound app on my iPhone to identify what song was playing during this commercial.  Well of course this commercial was again seen by me and I quickly opened by SoundHound app and finally identified what the song was.  This really shows how times have changed and it is a very digital and tech savvy time.  This example also shows a great way to get viewers/consumers to remember and enjoy a TV add you may be considering doing.  A strategic and interesting song that is liked by the majority people being placed in a commerical can get viewers to better remember who the ad was created by and for. 

Thats My Boy: Trailer 2012 – Adam Sandler Movie – Official HD

I dont know, I think that Adam Sandler needs to just stop releasing movies if hes going to continue to put out movies that seem to have very little thought and effort put behind them.  He just released Jack and Jill which did horrible at the box office and was seen as one of the worst comdedy movies ever released! Now with this new trailer for That’s My Boy we see their is another Adam Sandler movie coming out very soon.  I think if he would just space out his movies better and only particiapte in a select few GOOD movies his career can be saved.  

What Do You Think? does adam sandler just need to stop making movies?