Explore and Experience

An updating guide to the great states of California and Michigan!  Here you can find the best Restaurants, Craft Breweries, Hiking Trails, Scenic Locations, Cities, National & State Parks, Attractions & Events these 2 beautiful states have to offer.

The Purpose of This:  to provide a source for individuals visiting, living or thinking about moving to California or Michigan.  Insights, reviews, photos and videos will be posted by myself giving readers a true glimpse into the reality of experiencing California or Michigan life, culture and possibilities.

Why tonycorsini.com is the Source to Go To: I’m very active in exploring the state I live in and my passion for experiencing new aspects in life is how this section of the website was created. I grew up and spent the first 25 years of my life in Michigan, exploring and experiencing to my fullest capabilities. I now live in Southern California and plan to do the same. I wish to inspire and inform you with truly the BEST offerings and opportunities of these states.



If interested in information on the Marketing and Advertising scene you should head on over to The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene section or The San Diego Marketing Scene section of my website!

<<< Do you love California or Michigan, the lifestyle and environment that makes up living there? Well, then feel free to contact me about contributing content for the Exploring Michigan or Exploring California section to share your discoveries and love, email your suggestions to tonycor23@gmail.com

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