The Michigan ~ California Connection


The Michigan ~ California Connection

The Michigan ~ California Connection
my travels from Livonia, MI to San Diego, CA

I am to document my cross country travels as I embark on the next chapter of my life. As I move from the city I’ve lived my entire life, the city of Livonia, Michigan across the United States to live on the West Coast in Southern California.

Be informed, exposed, and open to the wonderful world that exists across the United States. 13 states will be explored in 9 days.  There is sure to be a wide range and high exposure to the variety that exists out there to anyone reading my blog.

  • The route I took to move from Michigan to Southern California

the Michigan California Connection

The Michigan ~ California Connection

States Included In My Journey:

  • Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and finally California
  • Total Miles Traveled = 3,570

The purpose of this: to show everyone out there that the world we live in is very complex, versatile and full of opportunities that exist for you. Its up to you to get out there and chase that dream and make it a reality!

Interested to learn more about California and Michigan?  Check out the “Explore & Experience” section.

If seeking information on the Marketing and Advertising scene you should head on over to The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene section or The San Diego Marketing Scene section of my website!

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