Marketing Tools of the Next Generation Marketer: Local Marketing

Tools of the Next Generation Marketer

When faced with limitations in life, improvising and persevering is key.  This was one life lesson that I recently learned through experience as I moved from Livonia, Michigan to San Diego, California this past fall. 

About a year ago I had made up my mind on moving to San Diego as soon as I graduated from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  All of my goals and objectives had to be completed by September 30, 2012, the date I told myself I had to leave Michigan by.  This meant I had four months from the beginning of my summer semester of college in May until September to complete this major life decision of mine.

The challenge I now faced was to complete…

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YouTube May Be Advertising’s Solution For The Next Generation

next generation marketing

The Growing Face of Advertising on YouTube 2012

Great example of the next generation of marketing beginning to take over.  YouTube and similar sites are increasing at a very high rate as YouTube’s global audience hit 800 million users in 2012!  This is one trend that marketers cannot forget, YouTube in my mind will always be a big player in reaching your audience whoever they may be.  NEVER FORGET THIS!

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New Official ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Trailer Out NOW! – Word of Mouth Marketing Example

Here’s a good example of a marketing strategy or tactic that will help create a buzz for your upcoming product or brand.  Rockstar Games is one company that is great at generating quite the buzz around their popular Grand Theft Auto video game series.  Rockstar Games  newest addition to their extremely popular GTA video game series is about 6 months away from being released with an expected May 2013 release date, but here’s the second official trailer already being released via YouTube.  Now Rockstar Games promotional videos for an upcoming game will be shared across all platforms of social media for millions and millions of viewers.  A fair share of these viewers will even turn out to be a potential stakeholders with their purchase of GTA V in spring 2013.

As a young kid and still now today in my mid 20’s seeing small little clips or glimpses of whats to come will always spark my interest and adds to the excitement of wanting something more.  Defiantly a good approach for a company’s marketing and advertising efforts to potentially execute.

UPDATE: GTA 5 now has a release date of September 17, 2013

  • What were some of your favorite video games growing up as a kid?

The Michigan ~ California Connection

Watch the video of my journey across America >>>> The Michigan ~ California Connection.

Check out a video I made showcasing what can be seen when traveling from the East Coast (Detroit, Michigan) all the way to the West Coast (San Diego, California).

I wanted to take the most scenic route and see everything that I truly wanted to see, places that I felt would be desirable to the majority of the population.

The route I chose to reach Southern California would showcase the amazing change in environments that the United States has when moving across from one end to the other.  marketing consultant in San Diego

Its very complex and diverse as you travel from the East to the West of the United States.  Seeing the great differences there are throughout this country and the different opportunities each state has to offer was a great experience for me to witness.  The travels helped to open my eyes and mind, so if you wish to watch the video from my travels it may also help open or re-focus your eyes and mind to the world that’s out there.

B.O.B – My Sweet Baby 

Song samples the classic song by Mickey & Syliva called “Love Is Strange”.  I think its really creative and innovative for rappers to use classic songs as an element in the instrumentals for a new song from a rap artist.  Rap is one genre that tends to do this a lot and other music genres should take note.  Sampling an older song creates a sense of familiarity for its listeners and can create an connection even if the rapper inst liked or even if that specific music genre isnt preferred from the listener.  This betters your odds of reaching your auidence successfully, so maybe this is another concept that can be implemented in most business situations? 

Alex Clare – Too Close

I found a source of inspiration just from using an iPhone app to listen to a Tv commerical»>TRY IT you might by inspired by something like this…

I was recently watching Tv and a commerical came on for the new Internet Explorer 9, which is also a very good concept regardless of the music track in the background that caught my attention.  I remembered what commerical featured this unidentified song so I could use my SoundHound app on my iPhone to identify what song was playing during this commercial.  Well of course this commercial was again seen by me and I quickly opened by SoundHound app and finally identified what the song was.  This really shows how times have changed and it is a very digital and tech savvy time.  This example also shows a great way to get viewers/consumers to remember and enjoy a TV add you may be considering doing.  A strategic and interesting song that is liked by the majority people being placed in a commerical can get viewers to better remember who the ad was created by and for. 

Crayola® My First Crayola™ is a nicely edited commerical that’s creative, unique and very strategically developed for a new product release from the famous crayon company Crayola.

“When you ignite the spark of originality early in life, children go on to do magnificent things! Introducing My First Crayola – helping little hands create.”

Inspire Everything Imaginable”

The Campgain slogan is also very creative and strategic, adding to what makes this a good example of a campaign and a TV commerical done right.