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The California ~ Oregon Connection

I wanted to give a shout out and a special THANKS! to Stacy Kozak and her students for reaching out and connecting via my marketing blog.  It’s greatly appreciated and has helped my site grow! I wish them all the BEST!

Stacy is a volunteer at a local community center in the Portland, Oregon area.  Stacy teaches a class of young aspiring business leaders in marketing and one of her students from her class found my page while looking for other resources to share with the class.  Stacy had emailed me and thanked me for creating the page because the students have found some valuable information on there.  

While researching, her students had also found 2 other resources that they thought would be of interest to me and I could share on my list of Marketing Resources for readers to appreciate the helpful tips, these included:

  1. “A Guide to Effective Marketing” –
  2. “10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips” –

Through the power of technology via the internet, my blog, and email, Stacy and her class which is 17 hours away from me and my home of Ocean Beach, California were still able to reach out and connect, network, share, and communicate efficiently.  Very few barriers exists when using the internet to reach out, making it an excellent choice of the next generation marketer.

Definitions to Remember

User-generated content (UGC)- covers a range of media content available in a range of modern communications technologies.

Its use for a wide range of applications, including problem processing, newsgossip and research, reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies that are accessible and affordable to the general public.

All digital media technologies are included, such as question-answer databases, digital video,bloggingpodcastingforums, review-sites, social networking, mobile phone photography and wikis.

In addition to these technologies, user-generated content may also employ a combination of open sourcefree software, and flexible licensing or related agreements to further reduce the barriers to collaborationskill-building and discovery

Great Free iPhone App to Download: Pulse

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Pulse News for the iPhone:

Recently I found the great app Pulse on Apple’s App Store and let me tell you this app will change the way you view your favorite websites and will also open you to many other great websites. By far the best app I have seen in which you can get relevant current news for your reading pleasure. By downloading the Pulse News app you will be exposing yourself to the best content the Internet has to offer from some of the most influential and successful companies and blogger’s in the world! This app creates a visually pleasing, organized list of featured and personally selected websites relating to…..

· Technology

· News

· Entertainment

· Business

· Lifestyle

· Science

· Art & Design

· Sports

· Fun & Humor

· Politics

· Food

The way you view your relevant content on the Pulse app is much like how you view your Facebook feed. The Pulse app displays short descriptions or a picture of what each article is about. You can choose to follow and display up to 9 different websites from any of the 11 different categories given to you.

AdWeek, Mashable, Paid Content, US Today, Co. Create, Business Insider, What’s Trending, and Harvard Business Reports are some of the great websites you can choose to follow on Pulse. There are many more to choose from so go look for yourself, download the Pulse News app for the iPhone and you will have a world of knowledge at you fingertips!