Social Media Day San Diego 2013: event info

social media day San Diego

This Sunday, June 30th, 2013 is Social Media Day in San Diego and to celebrate there will be a FREE networking and education event taking place at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina and Marina Kitchen. To attend this event you should RSVP on the events official website Social Media Day San Diego.

Social Media Day is an international day that celebrates the revolution of social media and the digital era as it heavily impacts our day to day lives. Whether you’re new to social media, a marketing professional or any type of user in between you’ll be sure to enjoy this event. Attendees will be exposed and informed with the ways social media can benefit ourselves and others.

The event in it’s fourth year will be presented by Petco and will be hosted by local San Diego social media professionals Tyler Anderson and Rob Marlbrough. Below you can watch a video of their appearance on U-T TV discussing Social Media Day San Diego.

What & Who else to expect at Social Media Day San Diego:

  • Educational track session w/ Facebook Marketing Expert; Mari Smith and Social Media Expert Amy Porterfield
  • Local San Diego social media business teams from Petco, Qualcomm and U-T TV
  • Networking mixer @ 4:00 pm in the Marina Kitchen
  • plus more!

Thanks can be attributed to these parties as well as many others. So what are you waiting for RSVP for Social Media Day San Diego and see how social media has changed our lives and learn how we use it to interact and engage with others.

Behold the Power of the Internet

the next generation marketer

The California ~ Oregon Connection

I wanted to give a shout out and a special THANKS! to Stacy Kozak and her students for reaching out and connecting via my marketing blog.  It’s greatly appreciated and has helped my site grow! I wish them all the BEST!

Stacy is a volunteer at a local community center in the Portland, Oregon area.  Stacy teaches a class of young aspiring business leaders in marketing and one of her students from her class found my page while looking for other resources to share with the class.  Stacy had emailed me and thanked me for creating the page because the students have found some valuable information on there.  

While researching, her students had also found 2 other resources that they thought would be of interest to me and I could share on my list of Marketing Resources for readers to appreciate the helpful tips, these included:

  1. “A Guide to Effective Marketing” –
  2. “10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips” –

Through the power of technology via the internet, my blog, and email, Stacy and her class which is 17 hours away from me and my home of Ocean Beach, California were still able to reach out and connect, network, share, and communicate efficiently.  Very few barriers exists when using the internet to reach out, making it an excellent choice of the next generation marketer.

The Marketing Capabilities of the Next Generation Marketer

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Life Lesson 1: Believing is EVERYTHING

Life Lesson 1 - Believing is everything

Life Lesson 1 – Believing is everything

  1. You must have a visual goal, both mentally and physically when you seek a specific desired outcome or in other words a desired GOAL or DREAM.

Keeping frequent visual reminders close to you will keep yourself accountable to the fact that you need to constantly be working towards this goal.

Displaying a picture of what your final desired outcome or state may look, feel or sound to yourself is one way to do this.

  • What I Did:  After visiting and verifying with myself that this was the dream I seek.  I ripped out a map of where I wanted to find myself.  Desired was a fulfilling life living in Southern California.  The above image of SoCal was pinned up on my wall in my room since late August 2011.  The image was not removed until the last 5 minutes before driving off from the house in Michigan that I have lived all my 25 years of life in.

So here I am now, a man living in a new environment.  Since day one I imagined and convinced myself that I am living in California and the dream has already came true.  My pinned up map of Southern California in my room would be a source of encouragement and would also be used as a GREAT tool to really help me realize and focus on what I truly wanted each and every day no matter my mood or speculation.