The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene

A list of marketing and advertising agency’s located in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene

I created this list to be used as an educational resource for someone who is unfamiliar with a city and what opportunities might be available there.  Whether your looking to hire a great marketing agency, doing research for a project, curious of what marketing agencies are out there, or if your like myself and have moved to a new city in hopes of finding a job in a area that’s desirable to live in then this list will also be perfect for you!

Michigan Craft Breweries

Here’s a list of the BEST Craft Breweries in Michigan.  Visit any one of these craft breweries throughout the state of Michigan and you’ll find nothing but the best tasting, most creative craft brews you’ve ever had!

Click here to see what breweries made the list: Michigan Craft Breweries.

My Internship Experience at The Marketrics Group: the Michigan – Texas Collaboration

the next generation marketer

My internship experience in Summer 2012 with the business/marketing service company Marketrics Group

CLICK HERE TO VIEW:    An Internship Experience With MarketricsGroup

The MarketricsGroup is a GREAT marketing company that I interned at during the summer of 2012.  An internship is really an almost necessary element in ones college education experience.  What students need is real hands on experience and approach to learning.  We are becoming more and more a society that requires to actual feel, see, and experience things, rather then just hearing about them.

This is a blog post I wrote for MarketricsGroup on my last day of the internship.  Check it out to gain insights of what its like to be a college student in 2012 and to see what the great benefits an internship can bring a student.  While your checking out my guest blog post feel free to check around the MarketricsGroup website and see all the amazing work they do for companies in all sorts of industries.  Who knows maybe yourself will find a need for a business opportunity with MarketricsGroup!!

The Michigan ~ California Connection

Watch the video of my journey across America >>>> The Michigan ~ California Connection.

Check out a video I made showcasing what can be seen when traveling from the East Coast (Detroit, Michigan) all the way to the West Coast (San Diego, California).

I wanted to take the most scenic route and see everything that I truly wanted to see, places that I felt would be desirable to the majority of the population.

The route I chose to reach Southern California would showcase the amazing change in environments that the United States has when moving across from one end to the other.  marketing consultant in San Diego

Its very complex and diverse as you travel from the East to the West of the United States.  Seeing the great differences there are throughout this country and the different opportunities each state has to offer was a great experience for me to witness.  The travels helped to open my eyes and mind, so if you wish to watch the video from my travels it may also help open or re-focus your eyes and mind to the world that’s out there.

Life Lesson 1: Believing is EVERYTHING

Life Lesson 1 - Believing is everything

Life Lesson 1 – Believing is everything

  1. You must have a visual goal, both mentally and physically when you seek a specific desired outcome or in other words a desired GOAL or DREAM.

Keeping frequent visual reminders close to you will keep yourself accountable to the fact that you need to constantly be working towards this goal.

Displaying a picture of what your final desired outcome or state may look, feel or sound to yourself is one way to do this.

  • What I Did:  After visiting and verifying with myself that this was the dream I seek.  I ripped out a map of where I wanted to find myself.  Desired was a fulfilling life living in Southern California.  The above image of SoCal was pinned up on my wall in my room since late August 2011.  The image was not removed until the last 5 minutes before driving off from the house in Michigan that I have lived all my 25 years of life in.

So here I am now, a man living in a new environment.  Since day one I imagined and convinced myself that I am living in California and the dream has already came true.  My pinned up map of Southern California in my room would be a source of encouragement and would also be used as a GREAT tool to really help me realize and focus on what I truly wanted each and every day no matter my mood or speculation.

Great Example of an Innovative Method of Providing EXCELLENT Customer Convenience:


WHERE: Shopping Mall – Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan

WHAT: the new Movie Mall feature I witnessed while shopping at the mall. There’s a big displayed featured across a large span of a wall in the mall, about the length of a typical stores entrance in the mall. Nicely displayed images of featured current hit movies with a large QR Code draws viewers attention very easily. You scan the QR Code associated with what movie you want and then that movie or show will be available for you to watch at the convenience of your own house. There tagline pretty much sums it up…


This new feature of renting movies and tv shows (both new and old movies) while you are already out shopping at the mall provides a one stop shop for consumers leading to more time spent inside the mall.