Taco Bells marketing campaign “Taco Bell on the Inside , Doritos on the Outside” is a really good way to take advantage of current trends (QR codes, social media- facebook,twitter). This shows how adaptable and innovative Taco Bell has been over the years. Plus the Doritos Tacos are amazing tasting! The only question is why wernt these Doritos Tacos released a long time ago? Very easy concept that would seem to make perfect sense to do? So go out and try these tasty tacos for yourself!

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Catfish is a great movie that shows how impactful Social Media can be

I recently watched the motion picture Catfish and was quite suprised how great of a movie it was. I felt that Catfish was a unique and innovative movie that offers viewers an amazing example of how infactuated and impactful social networking on platforms such as Facebook is on our society. I recommend everyone checking out this movie, its a unique and fresh concept for a movie that I think everyone can appreciate. Catfish is a relevent and up to date movie that is also a great example of movie studios adapting to changing trends and views.

Plot: Catfish is a story about a women from a remote part of Michigan in the city of Ishpeming. Through the social media tool Facebook she was able to create many personas. This dramatic and elaborate fantasy life lures in a young photographer from New York City to further investigate her and her painting prodigy daughter. He then becomes so enthralled with this women and many people in her life that he travels to the remote area where she lives to answer his many questions about who these people are and what they are really like. When he gets there what he finds out is the last thing he ever expected.

Takeaway: The movie Catfish shows the high impact social media has on our society and how powerful social media tools can be. You can create a perceived image by engaging interactions with a wide range of viewers through an interconnected network of people (viewers). Maintaining social media tools helps you communicate characteristics/features and gives a visual image to that can be used to form a perception for anything.

Highly Recommend -Catfish

S-1 Form Reveals Key Data from Facebook

Revenue, profitability numbers, mind blowing usage metrics, and the even more astonishing take-home pay of some of their employees all revealed in Facebooks S-1 form that was just recently released.  I think its a great move that Facebook is deciding to go public.  Facebook is a very powerful and useful company that has been continually growing since it started and shows no signs of slowing down.  Many stats and data revealed in their S-1 form are absolutely astonishing!  One such stat is that mobileaccounts for half of Facebook’s user base at approximately 425 million active monthly users.This data just proves how much consumer trends have changed over the years.  We are truly in the digital and mobile era.  Consumers are constantly living a on the go lifestyle due to the hectic lifestyles of Americans.  Our mobile phones are a key element in making it possible for Americans to efficiently maintain their hectic lifestyle.  I know without my iPhone it would be very hard to maintain my hectic life.  I especially use my iPhone to maintain my social media platforms like Facebook.  To me its just easier to update and view my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr page on my mobile device.  Mobile devices provide a clean and simple version of programs that are visually appealing to viewers.  To me this is the main reason why 425 million users including myself choose to view Facebook on a mobile device.