Event Marketing Example Using Social Media

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The Project:

The Ford Focus Pilot Event, was a test drive of the new 2012 Ford Focus where the participant would drive, be recorded and the video would be shared virally. The goal was to re-brand the new 2012 Focus through a physical experience and viral marketing.

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The Marketing Capabilities of the Next Generation Marketer

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Inspirational Quote

Will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it, its this self discovery that indubitably takes us to the wildest places on Earth” – Travis Rice

inspirational quotes

‘ Will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it, its this self discovery that indubitably takes us to the wildest places on Earth “

Small Business Saturday – The Next Generation of Support

Today is November 24th, 2012 and it is Small Business Saturday!  What this means is consumers are encouraged to support local small businesses and shop small.  This is really great that American Express has developed a very effective marketing campaign that helps local small business during a time of the year in which sales may be on the decline.  The best part about Small Business Saturday is this day falls right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  This gives small business a great promotional push without having to spend the little cash these small bushiness might have for marketing efforts.  So visiting that delicious small family owned restaurant down the street would be a VERY wise decision today 🙂

support local craft breweries

Support Local

I plan on shopping at Pizza Port an AMAZING craft brewery/pizzeria right in the wonderful city of Ocean Beach, California in which in live in.

  • So what business do you plan on visiting today to support local on Small Business Saturday?

New Official ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Trailer Out NOW! – Word of Mouth Marketing Example

Here’s a good example of a marketing strategy or tactic that will help create a buzz for your upcoming product or brand.  Rockstar Games is one company that is great at generating quite the buzz around their popular Grand Theft Auto video game series.  Rockstar Games  newest addition to their extremely popular GTA video game series is about 6 months away from being released with an expected May 2013 release date, but here’s the second official trailer already being released via YouTube.  Now Rockstar Games promotional videos for an upcoming game will be shared across all platforms of social media for millions and millions of viewers.  A fair share of these viewers will even turn out to be a potential stakeholders with their purchase of GTA V in spring 2013.

As a young kid and still now today in my mid 20’s seeing small little clips or glimpses of whats to come will always spark my interest and adds to the excitement of wanting something more.  Defiantly a good approach for a company’s marketing and advertising efforts to potentially execute.

UPDATE: GTA 5 now has a release date of September 17, 2013

  • What were some of your favorite video games growing up as a kid?

The Beauty of Advertisements

  • November Edition – week 2
advertising example

Utah Tunnel Ad

The Beauty of Advertisements

For this ad we have a unique display that was created within the Montgomery Street Station tunnel for everyone using San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit to see!  This is really a GREAT and CREATIVE ad that you must see, so check it out on the “The Beauty of Advertisement” page. Thanks!

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”  – Leo Burnett

Blackout Is the Craziest Haunted House EVER!

To help get you into the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d share one REALLY INTENSE haunted house in Los Angeles and New York called Blackout Haunted House that I recently came across while searching around on Google.  Image

Blackout is a haunt that is not for the weak of heart of anyone under 18 for that matter.  You must be above 18 to attend and you must walk through alone!!  The level that this places goes to put fear in your heart is extreme.  The scenarios dealt with during the 20-30 minute haunted house are unbearable and unbelievable to me.  A literal look into the existence of a horror movie victim.

This is one business idea that decided to go above and beyond making a high standard for the haunted house industry that not really any other haunted house can or has offered in the past.  So I DARE YOU TO TRY the Blackout Haunted House and see for yourself whats its like to raise the bar for what was once the perceived set standard for haunted houses!

> companies website: http://www.blackouthh.com/home