The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene

A list of marketing and advertising agency’s located in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene

I created this list to be used as an educational resource for someone who is unfamiliar with a city and what opportunities might be available there.  Whether your looking to hire a great marketing agency, doing research for a project, curious of what marketing agencies are out there, or if your like myself and have moved to a new city in hopes of finding a job in a area that’s desirable to live in then this list will also be perfect for you!

Why You Should End Your Hiring Search Right Now

next generation marketing

I’m a University of Michigan-Dearborn Marketing Graduate ready to start his career!

See why hiring a fresh marketing graduate like myself is the best action your marketing and/or advertising agency can do!

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Event Marketing Example Using Social Media

Check out my previous marketing experience as an Events Engagement and Capturing the Experience Division team member.

The Project:

The Ford Focus Pilot Event, was a test drive of the new 2012 Ford Focus where the participant would drive, be recorded and the video would be shared virally. The goal was to re-brand the new 2012 Focus through a physical experience and viral marketing.

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YouTube May Be Advertising’s Solution For The Next Generation

next generation marketing

The Growing Face of Advertising on YouTube 2012

Great example of the next generation of marketing beginning to take over.  YouTube and similar sites are increasing at a very high rate as YouTube’s global audience hit 800 million users in 2012!  This is one trend that marketers cannot forget, YouTube in my mind will always be a big player in reaching your audience whoever they may be.  NEVER FORGET THIS!

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Small Business Saturday – The Next Generation of Support

Today is November 24th, 2012 and it is Small Business Saturday!  What this means is consumers are encouraged to support local small businesses and shop small.  This is really great that American Express has developed a very effective marketing campaign that helps local small business during a time of the year in which sales may be on the decline.  The best part about Small Business Saturday is this day falls right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  This gives small business a great promotional push without having to spend the little cash these small bushiness might have for marketing efforts.  So visiting that delicious small family owned restaurant down the street would be a VERY wise decision today 🙂

support local craft breweries

Support Local

I plan on shopping at Pizza Port an AMAZING craft brewery/pizzeria right in the wonderful city of Ocean Beach, California in which in live in.

  • So what business do you plan on visiting today to support local on Small Business Saturday?

Innovations to Appreciate:

– gas station companies

Innovative Feature:
-adding mounted TVs on-top of gas station pumps that feature specific local advertisements along with local weather and national news.

Why I Think This Marketing Move is So Great?
– when you think about it , this is a very simple feature to add to gas stations. Adding TVs would satisfy an obvious need and opportunity that would engage gas station customers while there standing there pumping gas with nothing else to do. This is a great strategic placement and move from a lot of gas station companies. I really enjoy the fact gas stations are now added TVs to their gas pumps, before I really hated pumping gas , this added entertainment feature eases the disliking I have when fueling up my car. SMART IDEA, should of been done a long time ago.

There is also even more possibilities that marketers can harness with the increasing amount of gas stations that feature a TV on their pumps for customers viewing pleasure. These added TVs to gas stations also create a great place for local businesses and organizations to advertise directly to a specific demographic/geographic location.

Behance = a GREAT company involved with empowering Creative Professionals to make ideas happen. Plus their hiring right now!!

I personally appreciate, respect, & honor Creative Professionals.

So, today I honor Creatives for making the world a more visually pleasing environment for me & all viewers. Thank You!

Click the above image to check out the Behance Network website , you can help contribute to the industry or apply to work with Behance!