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Social media presence is now a MUST for companies, brands and professional individuals.  Small business can especially benefit from the large audience that awaits you on social media platforms.  In the year 2012 it was found that 90% of small business owners are actively engaged in social networking sites according to Social Media Today.

In order to be seen as a professional and as a NEXT Generation Marketer you must be active in the social media world and be adaptable to any platform.  Staying up to date with the latest and greatest trends, technology and news is needed to succeed in today’s competitive and time obsessed society.

Being a NEXT Generation Marketer myself I am very active on several social media platforms.  Look below to see what the latest and greatest social media platforms that are being used to engage, communicate and to share with anyone and everyone in the world!

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The Growing Face of Advertising on YouTube 2012

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    • Marketing ~ Tips, Tutorials, How-To’s, Articles, News
    • Advertising ~ Examples, Research, Trends, News
    • Creative ~ Tutorials, Trends, Examples
    • Healthy Living ~ Articles, Research, Benefits, Examples of Healthy Food Dishes
    • Entertainment ~ Video Games, Movies, News, Updates, Trends, Coming Soon
    • Photography ~ Amazing Photos, Strange Photos, Creative Photos
    • Wild Stuff ~ Articles, Pictures, Videos, Places

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