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Are you using social media effectively in your business?

We currently live in an era of online communication, and actively participating on social networks is a must. Social media marketing services can help businesses in many different ways. It’s about building relationships and developing a strategy for the social media channels within your overall marketing mix which aligns with your brand and marketing goals. I can help business owners figure out how social media applies to their business and then create the content to build and sustain relationships while increasing online visibility and reach.

My social media expertise goes beyond  Facebook and Twitter and also involves Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. I’ve driven millions of impressions for clients in a wide variety of industries and have built online authority. What sets me apart from other agencies is my data-driven approach that also relies on monitoring and listening to online communities. I understand how to use social media as a lead generation platform, not just a networking tool. Social media should be integrate with your search engine optimization strategy and content marketing strategy to leverage social media to improve your search rankings and to drive traffic to your website. Digital marketing strategy is developed around SEO and identifying keywords/phrases and storylines that will resonate with the customer base, educate users and keep them engaged. As a social media consultant and  next gen marketer I can help you reach the next generation of consumers!

My social media marketing services include initial account setup, optimizing existing accounts, maintain your social accounts and create great content to circulate via social media to drive valuable traffic to your website. I will help you improve your exposure, visibility and reach of your brands messages to help you reach specific target markets and open up new opportunities.  Begin building a strong social media presence with your custom social media marketing service today! Contact Now

Improve your presence, visibility and reach online with Social Media Marketing services

Social Media Marketing Services

Start utilizing Social Media Marketing for your business today! I’m a social media consultant in San Diego ready to help grow your business online!


The Social Media Marketing Process:

Social Media Strategy
By developing a thorough understanding of your brand, target customers, sales process, industry and competitors we can develop your social media strategy. The process begins by analyzing your current online presence then identifying goals and metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity. In order to grow your online presence we will need to identify social media influencers in your industry and your local community and develop an engagement and listening/monitoring strategy. By researching trends related to your products and services as well as industry keywords we can further develop best practices for your social media efforts.  This along with an SEO, link building and listening strategy will lead to your digital marketing success. Below are some of the elements in the social media strategy process:

  • social media analysis
  • engagement strategy
  • content strategy and editorial calendar development
  • listening & monitoring strategy

Since your business is constantly changing, your content and social media strategy should be flexible and designed to evolve. I regularly monitor results with set goals and review performance, adjust  tactics and set priorities & tasks for the next month.


Social Media Optimization
Making sure your social profiles are optimized for search and built to gain maximum engagement while having a professional look is essential to your online presence. Having strategic keywords and backlinks are crucial to optimizing your social profiles. Furthermore your website and social media networks need to work together to gain maximum exposure. Below are some of the elements in the social media optimization process:

  • social networks set-up that represent your brand with important keyword rich copy
  • establish authorship and verify social networks and website
  • custom social media profile backgrounds
  • optimize your website for social media


Social Media Management 
Social media is an on-going process as it relies heavily on real-time and current news and trends. By having a solid social media strategy in place we can stay on-top of current news, keywords and trends to increase engagement and reach of your messages. Identify opportunities for engaging with influencers, prospects and customers is also an on-going process that will be addressed in your service. With persistent social media posting, engaging and listening we can build an online community for your brand. Below are some of the elements in the social media management  process:

  • daily social media posting (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • daily social media monitoring and listening to your keywords, industry, competitors and local community
  • daily social media engagement
  • weekly and monthly social media tracking, analytic’s and reporting
  • research new users to follow and engage with


Benefits of adopting a social media marketing strategy: 

  • Increase traffic to website and social media networks
  • Improve visibility and reach of messages
  • Engage and build relationships with customers, the industry and local community
  • Improve search engine visibility and referrals
  • Increase outbound and inbound links to your website
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Strengthen brand and customer loyalty
  • Monitor online conversations
  • Customer service management
  • Brand reputation management
  • Target audience analysis
  • Potential lead identification
  • Generate word-of-mouth for promotional messages, events and your brand
  • Interact with your audience to improve brand engagement and communication


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