The Beauty of Advertisements

  1. Montgomery Tunnel Ad from the Utah Office of Tourism

Here’s a really creative and dedicated idea from the Utah Office of Tourism and their Montgomery Tunnel Ad.  This over the top form of advertising in my mind was a GREAT way to draw attention and create an interest in your product or company.  This ad will leave viewers with a feeling that they’ve been to Utah but have only gotten a small glimpse of it, leading to their curiosity to take over and eventually causing them to actually make a trip to the state of Utah to get this same feeling they felt in the Montgomery Tunnel while witnessing this ad.  If anything, viewers of this ad will most likely tell others about this interesting ad for Utah to one of their friends or family members.  There is also a great chance that the viewer might even share it on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, ect. profiles.  Its a win, win situation for this ad!

For more info on this advertisement visit

  • If any bloggers have PERSONALLY WITNESSED this ad, I’d love to see some pictures/videos you may have captured while viewing this ad or hear anything that really was cool or interesting about the ad to you???  feel free to post them right here on my site for everyone else to see!

Advertisements can be a thing of beauty, they’re no different then a piece of art work, in fact they ARE art! Advertisements can be seen as Creative, Interesting, or Amusing and there found everywhere!

I would like to showcase a new advertisement piece each week and EXPOSE its beauty to all, so check back SOON!

>>>if you have an example of an advertisement that you think is beautiful, unique, or special please email me at and I will post it right here on my site!

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