Infinite Creativity

Left Brain Right Brain Creativity

Left Brain – Right Brain Creativity

The definition of Creativity says that its the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value.  It is having the ability or ability to create.

For creative marketing to work you have to appeal to someones inner most emotions and nostalgic experiences.  In order to survive in today’s business world one must be on the cutting edge of creativity, no longer can you go along with only current trends, you must BE the new trend! You must show your passion through everything you do. Cutting corners and penny pinching will only result in damaged customer satisfaction in the end.   By adding a focus of Creativity you can produce a product or service that will create a truly deep and healthy relationship with customers.

Creativity needs to be embraced and nourished as we are the NEXT Generation and it’s time for a change!

What is needed is new ideas and insights to move ahead, and look no further than the NEXT Generation Marketer!

So here is my ode to all things Creative. A way to give back and nurture the field.  To help share my love for CREATIVITY I will post various craft projects I personally created, examples of print media advertisements, logos, unique creative examples from the past and much more!

Creative Design Options:

<<< Do you love all things creative too? Want to increase your online reach? feel free to email with any examples so we can share the beauty with the rest of the world!

This section is being worked on, Check back soon for improvements! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Infinite Creativity

  1. I was an Occupational Therapist for 30yrs & then severely injured. I have been Right Brain Dominant my entire life. When taking Anatomy and actually cutting up real bodies,including the Brain,I learned much. Your rendering of the Left/Right Brain is amazing! So much more CREATIVE than good old standard: Grey’s Anatomy.. Just love it. I do have to point out though, that Left Brain people will not be happy. But then again,they won’t be reading your email site in all probability! Thank you so much for the exquisite art work. I am very creative,but could never draw. My brothers got that skill. I could do pottery(hand building),weaving,batiking,tye dying,cooking,baking,swimming,diving,gardening,raising animals,entertaining,volunteering ,Art Therapy,Creative Writing Therapy,etc.Now I am an old disabled fart who is in bed most of the time.I Yelp and read everything I can. I love Murder Mysteries,esp.,Serial Killer.I try to read most of the #1 New York Times Bestseller List also. I keep my Yelp Friend List short so that I can actually communicate with people, as I can’t check in too often. So thanks for all your effort on your Website. I look forward to reading all of it ASAP. Keep up The Creativity! Lol, Judy

      • Wow! Thanks Judy, I appreciate sooo much your input on my page! What you said is EXACTLY the feedback I was hoping to get on the construction of my creations! It sounds like you have been through a lot in life and it’s refreshing to see you still continue to have such great hobbies and interests despite all your challenges! Good Luck and keep on truckin!! I look forward to posting even more information you will find entertaining and useful!

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