Explore Southern California

A travel guide and resource for Southern California. Here you’ll explore the best hiking, biking, snorkeling, beaches and destinations Southern California has to offer! Through Southern California photos and travel tips you can get an idea on what this region of California is really like and where the best places are to visit. Join in on the exploring by using #ExploreSoCal on Instagram!

The Southern California region has a versatile environment that offers mountains, beaches, coastal cliffs, deserts and consist of the major cities of San Diego and Los Angeles. These two locations, the neighborhoods that make them up and the surrounding ares will be the focus of this Exploring California travel guide. Provided below are Best Of Lists to help you get an idea on the best places to explore. There is also additional travel resources to explore more of Southern California.


Southern California:

  • Best Beaches
  • Best Snorkeling Locations
  • Best Hiking Trails
  • Best Biking Trails
  • Best Restaurants
  • Top Destinations


Explore: San Diego

Find travel information on the best San Diego County hiking trails, biking trails, beaches and locations! Neighborhoods and cities explored in the San Diego region consist of La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Old Town San Diego, Coronado and much more! San Diego, is California’s second largest city and has over 70 miles of beautiful coastline. The ideal year round temperature and weather make San Diego a perfect place to remain active outdoors just about 365 days a year. Below is best of lists for San Diego, explore and experience!

The Best San Diego, CA Bike Trails

View the Best Biking Trails in San Diego



Head over to the “Best Places to Visit in California” section to explore even more!



Travel & Tourism Resources:

  • Map of Southern California – PDF
  • San Diego.org  ~ Find information on San Diego hotels, restaurants and events for visitors, meeting planners and travel agents.
  • Visit California.com ~ California travel information


Additional Resources & Links:

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