Top Destinations to Visit in California

Here you’ll find pictures of the most beautiful locations I’ve visited throughout the great state of California.  I encourage that you yourself visit some of these locations if your someone who enjoys photography, nature or all things beautiful on this planet.  See if you can get a great shot on your camera and I’ll upload it to my site for everyone to see the amazing photo you took!

Must See Sights in Southern California:

<< Instagram is another great source for beautiful photos taken in California, check out my Instagram profile for more amazing photos!

<<< Searching Instagram hashtags #BestSoCalBeaches, #SunsetsOfSD#PlantsOfSD, #TreesOfSD and #TrailsOfSD will lead you to some of the best photos showcasing the city of San Diego and Southern California. To help spread the love for California you can tag your Instagram photos with the above hashtags for everyone to see.

> If you would like to use and share my photos you are more than welcome to but, please give recognition of the original source. Thanks! Enjoy!

>> Got suggestions on places in Southern California I should visit to capture its beauty? I’d love to hear about it, email me (Tony) at or leave a comment on this page with your suggestion. I’ll visit the location and post beautiful pictures on this website for all to enjoy, including a promotion of your personal website, blog or social media profile along with your name. Just Remember Keep Exploring

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