California Craft Breweries

Here’s a list of the BEST Craft Breweries in California. The craft brewery locations are split into The Best Northern California Craft Breweries and The Best Southern California Craft Breweries. Visit any one of these craft breweries throughout the state of California and you’ll find nothing but the best tasting, most creative craft brews you’ve ever had!  But wait there’s more…most of these craft breweries also have some of the best tasting and most creative food dishes as well!  So if you find yourself in the state of California don’t hesitate, go to one or all of these fine craft breweries the mitten state has to offer, and Don’t Forget to Support Your Local Craft Breweries!

The Best Craft Breweries in California:



Southern California Craft Breweries:

Best Northern California Craft Breweries:





    Interested in seeing what popular craft breweries are over on the East side of United States? visit the Michigan Craft Breweries Section!


    This section is being worked on, Check back soon! Thanks!

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