Escape Through Music

Here you’ll find an updating list of some great music to listen to help you get inspired, get you through your day or just bring joy to oneself. Taking just a couple minutes a day to listen to some music can be very beneficial to you and the people you come in contact with on any given day.

What Music Can Do For YOU!:

Listening to music relieves STRESS, ANXIETY and PAIN while also INSPIRING and NOURISHING CREATIVITY!

So take a break for a couple minutes, free your mind – sit back, relax, and let the music do the rest!

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

Bob Marley – Jammin

Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved

Bob Marley – Time Will Tell

Eminem – Loose Yourself

Incubus – Drive

Maino Ft. T-Pain – All The Above

Nelly – Number #1

Wiz Khalifa – When I’m Gone

Nas – I Can

2Pac – Dear Mama

Eminem Ft. Jay Z – Renegade Live on David Letterman

Eminem – Beautiful

311 – Amber

Blind Melon – No Rain

P.O.D – Alive

Eminem – Not Afraid


Coming Soon…Be sure to come back soon, there’s plenty more new music to be posted!

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