Best Biking Trails in San Diego

An updating list of the best biking trails in San Diego, California. There are many paths, trails and roads in San Diego to explore that offer a variety of terrain, spectacular views and interesting wild life. Whether you’d like to mountain bike, cruise along the beaches or go long distances there’s sure to be somewhere to explore near you!

The Best Biking Trails in San Diego, CA

The Best San Diego, CA Bike Trails



Beaches and Coastal Biking Trails in San Diego, CA

Best biking trails in San Diego - Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Sunset Cliffs Bike Trail in Point Loma, San Diego, CA


Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma – Bike Path

Sunset Cliffs is located in Point Loma, San Diego. Offering a paved and unpaved trail that allows you to bike along the coastal cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. The trail features mainly level bike riding, with few inclines along the way. Level of Difficulty: Moderate


View a GoPro video biking along Sunset Cliffs, San Diego:










Mission Bay – Bike Path

La Jolla – Bike Path


Mountain, Inland & Desert Trails in San Diego, CA

Mission Trails Regional Park – Bike Path


  • this section is being work on, please check back soon for updates! Have a great day!

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