Social Media Market Research Do’s and Don’ts

Social media marketing is an important tool for all business owners to utilize. It is also important to understand the impact of social media market research. Social Media Examiner found that using social media for marketplace insight ranked as the third most valuable benefit of social media, with 72 percent of those spending 11 hours per week using social media for research reported seeing benefits. That’s a huge number, and with 78 percent of companies planning to further integrate or begin integrating social media data into marketing campaigns, more companies than ever are recognizing the value of social media for market insights. The folks at Insights In Marketing, a marketing research company have created this informative social media market research infographic that sheds some light on this important aspect of your social media strategy.

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5 Ways to Deal With Shopping Cart Abandonment

this is a guest post from Jessica Kane of Rakuten Super Logistics

E-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is a great amount of competition among online retailers to gain the sales of customers. Believe it or not, many customers visit sites and ‘window shop’ just as they would in a traditional bricks and mortar store. They browse the site and put items into a virtual shopping cart. Only to abandon the cart and never return to complete the purchase.

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Top 6 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Are you a small business owner looking to increase your online presence? There are many proven benefits of establishing a solid social media marketing strategy. In fact, 90% of small business owners agree that social media is important for their business. Social media has changed the way we interact with customers and allows new opportunities to arise that traditional marketing cannot produce. Below is 6 benefits of  social media marketing for small businesses:

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9 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Fall and Holiday Season

October begins the holiday season for businesses and marketers. You should embrace the new seasons and holidays as part of your social media marketing strategy. The seasons are a perfect time to produce relevant content that revolves around current situations all your customers and prospects are currently in. Holiday shopping begins before Halloween for 20 to 40% of all consumers. The fall season is a very busy time for people to be searching the internet and browsing social media for Halloween costume ideas, fall recipes, fall decorating ideas and crafts, the list is almost endless. It’s important your business has a strong online presence during this pivotal time to take advantage of a large audience. Below are some marketing tips for your business to implement this holiday season: Continue reading

10 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Presence


10 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Presence

Improve your local search presence with digital marketing services


There are many ways customers can find out about your business and properly implementing a local internet marketing strategy will allow for increased visibility, awareness and interest from customers. With the evolution of search engines, social media, mobile devices and as the general public become more tech savvy there are now multiple ways to advertise and communicate your business specifically to people in your region. In fact, 72% of all searches are related to a search for local content. Small businesses should make sure they’re developing and maintaining their local online presence.

10 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Presence

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8 Tips to Get Your Special Event Covered by the Media

Event marketing is becoming a useful and popular tool for generating buzz, creating publicity and increasing brand awareness. In fact, the growth of event marketing grew from 3.6% in 2011 to a 7.8% growth in 2012, as communications technology and the social media sync with brands concentrating on events that drive sales. By implementing event marketing tactics and strategies combined with professional public relations support, your event will receive optimal media coverage and connect you with influential end-consumers.

If you have a special event scheduled, follow these eight steps to ensure that you earn the attention of the media and online community, generating both media coverage in the short and long term.

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Marketing Tools of the Next Generation Marketer: Local Marketing

Tools of the Next Generation Marketer

When faced with limitations in life, improvising and persevering is key.  This was one life lesson that I recently learned through experience as I moved from Livonia, Michigan to San Diego, California this past fall. 

About a year ago I had made up my mind on moving to San Diego as soon as I graduated from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  All of my goals and objectives had to be completed by September 30, 2012, the date I told myself I had to leave Michigan by.  This meant I had four months from the beginning of my summer semester of college in May until September to complete this major life decision of mine.

The challenge I now faced was to complete…

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Top Sites for Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends


Social media has transformed the way businesses operates and the way everyday people conduct their day. Its also showing no sign of slowing down in popularity and usage. In fact 1 out of 3 people in the United States — more than 128 million — visit Facebook every day according to the latest figures released in August 2013 by Facebook. Small businesses need to make sure they have a dedicated position to work on social media marketing efforts in order to take advantage of the fact social media is helping to forge a new era in business transparency and engagement.

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One Year Anniversary of The Next Generation Marketer Website

Next week will mark one year since I first created my website domain and this means its time for improvements and upgrades to my site! This website and blog started when I began my transition from finishing up my Marketing degree and entering the professional world. I’ve learned many things over the course of the year as far as creating engaging blog post and providing a creative and attractive website design. I have also grown and matured as a person as well and feel as if I know the path to take in my professional life. I plan to use what I have learned and will start to implement these actions on The Next Generation Marketer website. I hope to educate and inspire via this website as long as I can.

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Marketing Professional in San Diego

Social Media Day San Diego 2013: event info

social media day San Diego

This Sunday, June 30th, 2013 is Social Media Day in San Diego and to celebrate there will be a FREE networking and education event taking place at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina and Marina Kitchen. To attend this event you should RSVP on the events official website Social Media Day San Diego.

Social Media Day is an international day that celebrates the revolution of social media and the digital era as it heavily impacts our day to day lives. Whether you’re new to social media, a marketing professional or any type of user in between you’ll be sure to enjoy this event. Attendees will be exposed and informed with the ways social media can benefit ourselves and others.

The event in it’s fourth year will be presented by Petco and will be hosted by local San Diego social media professionals Tyler Anderson and Rob Marlbrough. Below you can watch a video of their appearance on U-T TV discussing Social Media Day San Diego.

What & Who else to expect at Social Media Day San Diego:

  • Educational track session w/ Facebook Marketing Expert; Mari Smith and Social Media Expert Amy Porterfield
  • Local San Diego social media business teams from Petco, Qualcomm and U-T TV
  • Networking mixer @ 4:00 pm in the Marina Kitchen
  • plus more!

Thanks can be attributed to these parties as well as many others. So what are you waiting for RSVP for Social Media Day San Diego and see how social media has changed our lives and learn how we use it to interact and engage with others.