What is NEXT Generation Marketing?

Times have changed drastically and quickly. The world we live in today is truly a Digital World and newer generations have different values, views, beliefs, preferences and attitudes that is shaping the way business and marketing should now be conducted.

Before: TV, DVD’s, Blockbuster

  • NOW: YouTube, Netflix, video streaming, torrent downloading

Before: Radio, CD’s, Sam Goody

  • NOW: satellite radio, iTunes, audio streaming, torrent downloading

Before: MAC’s and PC’s

  • NOW: MacBook, tablets, tablet PCs

Before: Basic Cell Phones, Nokia

With each new generation there is new values, preferences, attitudes, and beliefs that need to be taken accounted for. It’s these trends that are important to marketers and small businesses. Knowing research about generations X, Y, and Z can greatly add to the success of your product, service, and/or business.

What’s needed to succeed in today’s world is adaptability, flexibility and innovation. Through experiences and exploring throughout my life I was able to identify a need and a change approaching as I was growing up and attending college. Traditional marketing and advertising approaches were changing right before my eyes.  As marketing professionals we need to adapt to these changing times and discover and explore new ways to express, satisfy and communicate.

As a Gen Y-er I grew up as the digital world did as well, I am the NEXT Generation Marketer. I still respect and conduct traditional marketing but it is to be combined with new digital marketing methods and tools. I show an interest in ALL marketing aspects and am skilled in a variety of topics, not limiting myself to just one. Still don’t get what the NEXT Generation Marketer is? look below to see the tools used by a NEXT Generation Marketer!

Marketing Professional in San Diego

NEXT Generation Marketing:

  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Mobile
  • Digital
  • Video – YouTube, Vine, Viddy, Vemo, iPhone, GoPro HD
  • Images
  • Location-Based

Marketing Fields for the NEXT Generation:

  • Event Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Real Time Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Green Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Location-Based Marketing

NEXT Generation Branding & Promotions

  • Limited Edition Launches
  • Seasonal Specials & Discounts
  • Exclusive Content
  • Product Samples
  • Event Souvenirs (Swag)
  • Online Contests

NEXT Generation Market Research Tools:

  • Keyword Research
  • Google Alerts – used for monitoring, allows you to track brand mentions and listen in to conversations
  • Google Search Engine – annual reports pdf, 
  • Twitter Search – trending,

If interested in previous NEXT Generation Marketing projects I’ve been apart visit the Capabilities page!

If interested in having the NEXT Generation Marketer work some magic for you look to the Contact page

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