The Answer is Gen Y

The Answer is Gen Ygen y

Generation Y is…..

  • the generation to be marketed to for the next 15+ years
  • different than any generation before since they grew up with the internet their entire life
  • can bring any product or information known to man in seconds at any moment in time due to smartphones always being with them
  • socially more aware or at least have access to info to become more socially aware and tech savvy than any generation before
  • concerned with preserving life on earth and environmentally aware while desiring to keep up with the most current trends

By staying up-to-date and being aware of this generation it will greatly benefit your business, product or service. Marketing and advertising professionals should keep this generation in their mind from now and from generations to come.

The best part about being the NEXT Generation Marketer is the fact we are Gen Y members, we live this life and understand this demographic. Myself and fellow Gen Y-ers are a powerful force to be reckoned with and have the optimistic, determined talent to make change.

>> For more information on Gen Y and various trends that are important to marketers and small businesses visit the Market Research Insights page!

Not only is this an important generation for the near future but it also includes a good amount of individuals that lived in one of the best decades ever, The 90’s! In celebration of the great nostalgia found from the 90’s I’ll be posting pictures of some great products and advertisements from that time period.

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