I feel born to change for the better, make a difference in the world and to succeed.  I feel passionate about the path I have chosen and focused on staying on the cutting edge of knowledge and success within it.  Through my life lessons so far and many more to come I am here to convey all lessons learned and few personal interests found along the way. I am The NEXT Generation Marketer.

Whether it be work or leisure I am living life to the fullest for the moment I’m currently living in, giving it my all.  I feel fortunate to have worked with many impactful and advancing companies so far already in this journey.  Being involved in many unique ways with companies like World Medical Relief, Ford Motor Company, The University of Michigan-DearbornThe Marketrics Group Oster and Associates just to name a few, have molded me from who I was to who I am today and will continue to mold me into who I will become.

Tony Corsini the next generation marketer

Marketing Consultant in San Diego Tony Corsini – Marketing Consultant

Be immersed in my unique lifestyle as I stay on the path of a focused, passionate person who is social media driven and next generation supportive. Follow me as I am fully involved in today’s and tomorrow’s hottest topics and trends.  Learn, share and experience as I learn, share and experience!

San Diego Digital Marketing Consultant for hire:

I’m a digital marketing consultant based in San Diego, CA offering my marketing strategies and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Specialize in social media strategy and management, search engine optimization, content marketing strategy, web design and development and market research services. I will build an optimized online presence and engage with clients and prospects as well as many other digital marketing strategies and solutions! <<< to contact me send an email to Tonycor23@gmail.com and we can start optimizing digital marketing for your business!

Digital marketing experience:

  • Social media management and development
    • Gibson Air
    • Midwest Jewelers & Estate Buyers
    • Fix Auto USA
    • Lyndsi’s Luxuries
    • Gamez Law Firm
    • J. Wiesner Private Jeweler
    • Synergy One Lending UTC
    • Skybox Music Productions – San Diego music management, production & record label
    • YV – San Diego rap & hip hop artist
    • Irie G – San Diego reggae & funk artist


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<< What is Next Generation Marketing? <<

Contact Now for Digital Marketing Services

Contact Now for Digital Marketing Services

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