Top 6 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Are you a small business owner looking to increase your online presence? There are many proven benefits of establishing a solid social media marketing strategy. In fact, 90% of small business owners agree that social media is important for their business. Social media has changed the way we interact with customers and allows new opportunities to arise that traditional marketing cannot produce. Below is 6 benefits of  social media marketing for small businesses:

Social Media Marketing benefits for Small Business

There are many Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses here is 6 benefits of social media

1. Positive impact on SEO

Social media accounts for a large amount of referral traffic to websites. Include a mix of post types that include posts that link to your website, products, sales, etc. to contribute to your link building strategy as well as posts that promote your local community, an inspiring quote or a tip related to your service/product. If you create a social media strategy and content strategy by conducting keyword research and competitor research you can craft content that engages and informs relevant target audiences. When visitors of your social networks find original content in your posts that informs and engages they will be more likely to share your content, thus improving your social and web influence through sharing posts with links to your website. Social media is a tool that will help improve the reach and visibility of your messages and should be taken advantage of if your a small business owner.

2. Offer better customer service and gain control of your online reputation

With social media customers can leave you comments, “like” images of products you post and many other consumer insights that will help you better understand your customers and target markets. With social media you have a two-way conversation tool that you can communicate in real-time. By being aware of what others on the internet are saying about your brand will allow you to respond to concerns someone might have immediately. Daily monitoring of your brand on social networks will ensure a positive online reputation.

3. Humanize your brand and establish thought leadership

With social media you can build up trust and loyalty from customers and potential customers by sharing posts that show an inside look at your business. Sharing images of your employees working or company events is one way you can make it easier for people to connect to your brand. You can share your knowledge and expertise through your updates and the content you share. Share industry tips and facts in social media and blog posts to establish your thought leadership in your industry.

4. Build relationships

Social media allows you to build relationships with your local community, your customers and influential individuals and media in your industry. You can also gain insights on specific target markets through social media marketing. Twitter lists is one tool to use to help build relationships with specific groups, organizations and individuals by organizing like-minded individuals into groups that you can monitor daily. Joining Google+ communities and LinkedIn Groups is another way to build relationships with influential individuals.

5. Monitor the competition and learn about your target audiences

In order to stay ahead of the competition you should make sure to conduct a social media analysis of your businesses current situation. See what social networks local competitors are on and make note to the frequency of their posting and what content topics they receive the highest engagement on. Some web analytic’s tools like Facebook Insights can be used to gain knowledge on your online audience to cater campaigns and product offers to your target audience.

6. Increase brand awareness

Social media allows you to increase brand awareness among targeted audiences by expanding your business exposure. 78% of small businesses attract customers though social media. You should make sure your social media presence is updated on a regular and constant time gap. Remember “out of sight is out of mind”. You can generate buzz for your business by sharing updates of your products/services, events, promotions, etc. and share it to the vast audience that is on social media.

Your small business can benefit from a strong social media presence in many ways and if correctly done, social media marketing has many benefits. Social media should be integrated with your business strategy and will allow you to engage with your customers and gain new customers.

> If your a small business owner and would like help with your social media management and strategy I would be more than happy to offer a free consultation. I’m a digital marketing consultant in San Diego offering social media, content marketing and seo services and can be reached by filling out a contact form.

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