Marketing Tools of the Next Generation Marketer: Local Marketing

Tools of the Next Generation Marketer

When faced with limitations in life, improvising and persevering is key.  This was one life lesson that I recently learned through experience as I moved from Livonia, Michigan to San Diego, California this past fall. 

About a year ago I had made up my mind on moving to San Diego as soon as I graduated from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  All of my goals and objectives had to be completed by September 30, 2012, the date I told myself I had to leave Michigan by.  This meant I had four months from the beginning of my summer semester of college in May until September to complete this major life decision of mine.

The challenge I now faced was to complete…

  1. My last 2 college courses
  2. A marketing internship
  3. Sell my Mustang GT (in Michigan, right before winter! Not the best time to purchase a stang.)
  4. Find a reliable SUV to buy
  5. Locate the best San Diego neighborhood to live in
  • This was based on the offerings of the surrounding area more specifically what Hiking Trails, Bike Trails, Public Parks, Beaches, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Convenient Expressways and traveling situations the location presented.

6.  Locate an apartment in California that is considered a great value for the        monthly rent price, fitting into my strategic apartment budget I gave myself

The most difficult part about my challenges I would be facing was the fact I had never even been to the area that I ended up choosing as the best location for me live at, the area of Ocean Beach / Point Loma. And to add to this I had to make this decision while I was Michigan, about 3,500 miles away from the California apartments I was looking to rent from! I couldn’t physically be at the apartment buildings in California to talk to each apartment manager and get the usual tour that renters get.  Most of these apartment companies’ websites don’t include justifiable pictures of their apartments and you can’t really get a solid idea on what the living environment is like.

You might be asking yourself how could someone move to the completely opposite side of North America without even seeing what the city or apartment looked like??

Well to me this answer was easy; being a Next Generation Marketer and a member of Generation Y, the generation known to be the most tech savvy had made me confident, innovative and optimistic with my approach and my desired final outcome.  In order to make this dream into a reality I knew I had to improvise, adapt and overcome any and all obstacles faced. 

The world we live in today has been known to be called the Digital Era  and the Information Age.  Growing up in this transition of a new era I knew I had tools and options that could help me overcome a communication and information gap.

By using several next generation tools and approaches I was able to successfully complete all of my personal goals and ended up moving to a perfect location, in a perfect apartment complex, especially considering I did it all from my computer desk in Michigan.

>>>>> Look below to see what digital tools I used and how I used them!

Tools Used to Overcome a Location Limitation


Google Maps and Google Street View:
I had used Google Maps and Google Street View to see what the living conditions were in the San Diego area and what each apartment looked like that made my list of potential apartments as well as discovering some new apartment buildings I didn’t find with my Google search of “apartments for rent in San Diego”.  Google Maps and especially Google Street View made it possible for me to actually see what something I’m interested in looks like, regardless of my physical location.  Without a doubt I would have never been able to complete these goals and objectives with such ease and on time if it weren’t for these next generation tools being available for everyone in the world to use.

I had used Instagram by searching hash tags # of potential locations in the San Diego to help get an idea on the demographics of the people living there and to see what these locations physically looked like in the present.

Foursquare and Yelp:
I had used Foursquare and Yelp to analyze reviews and photos of potential apartment buildings and to explore the restaurant and store options of each potential living location.

I had used YouTube to view videos of Southern California cities that were possible living locations. Tourism videos posted from the cities themselves were very helpful for getting a real glimpse into that cities living environment.  SoCalBeachMagazine was a good YouTube account to follow that showed bits and pieces of each cities main attractions and gave me a better idea on the vibe of each neighborhood.

>>> Check out the Video of my travels from Michigan to California CLICK HERE <

Stay tuned for more NEXT Generation Marketing Tips coming soon!

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