Top Sites for Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends


Social media has transformed the way businesses operates and the way everyday people conduct their day. Its also showing no sign of slowing down in popularity and usage. In fact 1 out of 3 people in the United States — more than 128 million — visit Facebook every day according to the latest figures released in August 2013 by Facebook. Small businesses need to make sure they have a dedicated position to work on social media marketing efforts in order to take advantage of the fact social media is helping to forge a new era in business transparency and engagement.

The task required from the person in charge of your company or brands social media presence will be no easy one as social media networks, uses and knowledge are always changing. It’s important to stay up-to-date with this information as we are in the digital age and it affects businesses, consumers and marketing professionals. Staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, news, tips and best practices examples will strengthen your social media marketing strategy and to expose the greatest advantages you can achieve with this digital tool. As a business it will be in your best interest to assign someone who is experienced and passionate about social media marketing to implement social media marketing for your business to be seen as professional and serious about your business.

Blogs, websites and social media profiles themselves are all good sources of information if you want to learn about social media and the benefits it can have for your business, brand or personal self. There are hundreds of sources of information on social media but below I have provided a list of the best sources for social media marketing all in one handy spot. You can access all the top providers of insightful articles with tips, reviews, trends, examples and news.

Provided below is a list of the best sources of information on Social Media Marketing:

  1. Social Media Examiner
  2. Social Media Today
  3. iMediaConnection
  4. Simply Zesty
  5. Mashable
  6. eMarketer
  7. MarketingProfs
  8. MarketingSherpa
  9. ClickZ
  10. Digital Trends
  11. Hub Spot
  12. Mari Smith’s Blog
  13. Jeff Bullas’s Blog

Do you know of a great resource for social media tips, trends and news that’s not on this list? Id love to hear some beneficial sites you use, just comment below.

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