New Official ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Trailer Out NOW! – Word of Mouth Marketing Example

Here’s a good example of a marketing strategy or tactic that will help create a buzz for your upcoming product or brand.  Rockstar Games is one company that is great at generating quite the buzz around their popular Grand Theft Auto video game series.  Rockstar Games  newest addition to their extremely popular GTA video game series is about 6 months away from being released with an expected May 2013 release date, but here’s the second official trailer already being released via YouTube.  Now Rockstar Games promotional videos for an upcoming game will be shared across all platforms of social media for millions and millions of viewers.  A fair share of these viewers will even turn out to be a potential stakeholders with their purchase of GTA V in spring 2013.

As a young kid and still now today in my mid 20’s seeing small little clips or glimpses of whats to come will always spark my interest and adds to the excitement of wanting something more.  Defiantly a good approach for a company’s marketing and advertising efforts to potentially execute.

UPDATE: GTA 5 now has a release date of September 17, 2013

  • What were some of your favorite video games growing up as a kid?

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