Blackout Is the Craziest Haunted House EVER!

To help get you into the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d share one REALLY INTENSE haunted house in Los Angeles and New York called Blackout Haunted House that I recently came across while searching around on Google.  Image

Blackout is a haunt that is not for the weak of heart of anyone under 18 for that matter.  You must be above 18 to attend and you must walk through alone!!  The level that this places goes to put fear in your heart is extreme.  The scenarios dealt with during the 20-30 minute haunted house are unbearable and unbelievable to me.  A literal look into the existence of a horror movie victim.

This is one business idea that decided to go above and beyond making a high standard for the haunted house industry that not really any other haunted house can or has offered in the past.  So I DARE YOU TO TRY the Blackout Haunted House and see for yourself whats its like to raise the bar for what was once the perceived set standard for haunted houses!

> companies website:

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