The Michigan ~ California Connection

Watch the video of my journey across America >>>> The Michigan ~ California Connection.

Check out a video I made showcasing what can be seen when traveling from the East Coast (Detroit, Michigan) all the way to the West Coast (San Diego, California).

I wanted to take the most scenic route and see everything that I truly wanted to see, places that I felt would be desirable to the majority of the population.

The route I chose to reach Southern California would showcase the amazing change in environments that the United States has when moving across from one end to the other.  marketing consultant in San Diego

Its very complex and diverse as you travel from the East to the West of the United States.  Seeing the great differences there are throughout this country and the different opportunities each state has to offer was a great experience for me to witness.  The travels helped to open my eyes and mind, so if you wish to watch the video from my travels it may also help open or re-focus your eyes and mind to the world that’s out there.

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