Life Lesson 1: Believing is EVERYTHING

Life Lesson 1 - Believing is everything

Life Lesson 1 – Believing is everything

  1. You must have a visual goal, both mentally and physically when you seek a specific desired outcome or in other words a desired GOAL or DREAM.

Keeping frequent visual reminders close to you will keep yourself accountable to the fact that you need to constantly be working towards this goal.

Displaying a picture of what your final desired outcome or state may look, feel or sound to yourself is one way to do this.

  • What I Did:  After visiting and verifying with myself that this was the dream I seek.  I ripped out a map of where I wanted to find myself.  Desired was a fulfilling life living in Southern California.  The above image of SoCal was pinned up on my wall in my room since late August 2011.  The image was not removed until the last 5 minutes before driving off from the house in Michigan that I have lived all my 25 years of life in.

So here I am now, a man living in a new environment.  Since day one I imagined and convinced myself that I am living in California and the dream has already came true.  My pinned up map of Southern California in my room would be a source of encouragement and would also be used as a GREAT tool to really help me realize and focus on what I truly wanted each and every day no matter my mood or speculation.

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