Alex Clare – Too Close

I found a source of inspiration just from using an iPhone app to listen to a Tv commerical»>TRY IT you might by inspired by something like this…

I was recently watching Tv and a commerical came on for the new Internet Explorer 9, which is also a very good concept regardless of the music track in the background that caught my attention.  I remembered what commerical featured this unidentified song so I could use my SoundHound app on my iPhone to identify what song was playing during this commercial.  Well of course this commercial was again seen by me and I quickly opened by SoundHound app and finally identified what the song was.  This really shows how times have changed and it is a very digital and tech savvy time.  This example also shows a great way to get viewers/consumers to remember and enjoy a TV add you may be considering doing.  A strategic and interesting song that is liked by the majority people being placed in a commerical can get viewers to better remember who the ad was created by and for. 

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