Innovations to Appreciate:

– gas station companies

Innovative Feature:
-adding mounted TVs on-top of gas station pumps that feature specific local advertisements along with local weather and national news.

Why I Think This Marketing Move is So Great?
– when you think about it , this is a very simple feature to add to gas stations. Adding TVs would satisfy an obvious need and opportunity that would engage gas station customers while there standing there pumping gas with nothing else to do. This is a great strategic placement and move from a lot of gas station companies. I really enjoy the fact gas stations are now added TVs to their gas pumps, before I really hated pumping gas , this added entertainment feature eases the disliking I have when fueling up my car. SMART IDEA, should of been done a long time ago.

There is also even more possibilities that marketers can harness with the increasing amount of gas stations that feature a TV on their pumps for customers viewing pleasure. These added TVs to gas stations also create a great place for local businesses and organizations to advertise directly to a specific demographic/geographic location.

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