Quiznos Lobster & Seafood Salad Sub -is this something you would buy or want from a quick serve restaurant like Quiznos?

To me this is another example of a company releasing a product that should of never been released. Before you release a new product , you need to make sure a lot of thought and reasoning can back up your actions. Put yourself in the consumers shoes, think does this product appeal to your company’s typical customer.

Quiznos is not a restaurant I would associate with seafood and never will be. Why would anyone want seafood on their submarine sandwich? This new product release would make more sense to be released at a more strategic geographic region like maybe Maine where their is more of a desire for seafood and it can allow for a higher quality of seafood to be put into Quiznos new Lobster & Seafood Salad Sub.

So how bout it, are you ready to have seafood on your submarine sandwich? Or does this just seem a little too fishy to you?

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