Maker’s Mark BBQ Sauce – great example of brand extension done right!

When deciding to extend your brand you need to put yourself in the customers shoes, think about the typical lifestyle of your consumers then decide what other products would be good complements to your company’s brand image.

Most people when thinking about bourbon or whiskey would associate it with masculinity and activities that are typical of men.

Grilling is an activity that has a gender bias towards men , this is why it was a smart decision for the bourbon liquor company Maker’s Mark expand into the BBQ and grilling market.

The other reason why this brand extension is a strategic decision is the fact that Maker’s Mark customers tend to be very loyal to their bourbon liquor brand. The loyalty created from the strong brand image Maker’s Mark has will lead to the loyal customers choosing Maker’s Mark BBQ over other BBQ sauce brands. The reasoning for this is because the customer has a familiarity and positive association with the brand already, causing the purchasing process to be simple and and quick, causing ease for customers. All this will lead to increased brand loyalty and increased brand image.

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