As of today (February 19, 2012), the Detroit Red Wings have won their 23rd consecutive home game! This is an amazing accomplishment by a sports team and creates a positive story for the city of Detroit. The Red Wings are in first place in the whole NHL and now have a record of 41 wins- 17 losses- and 2 overtime losses. The team shows no slowing down and has all Michiganders going cup crazy again.

The Detroit Red Wings franchise is one of the best sport franchises out of any sport. They have almost always been a winning team and owe a lot of their success to the teams great chemistry and relationship management the players exert. There hasn’t been any Detroit Red Wings team that I’ve seen have been chemistry, they are always engaging with one another and maintaining a positive relationship with one another. The close relationships that the Red Wings players have with each other makes it easier for them to ACT as a TEAM and be a TEAM. This is the main reason why The Detroit Red Wings franchise is so great, they meet the definition of what a team should be. Not many other sports teams act like the Red Wings players do. Players on the Red Wings are truly passionate about the sport of hockey and only care about playing good hockey and winning the Stanley Cup. Other sport franchises care just about the money, they forget about the actual sport. So I congratulate you the Detroit Red Wings for being the best franchise out there! I wish that other sport franchises would try to act more like The Detroit Red Wings, it would help put back more meaning into the game.

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