The University of Michigan- Dearborn’s iLab Research Center: iLabs is a great alternative option to a typical college class, it gives you a hands on experience in the market research field of business. iLabs is a Innovation Research center housed within the University’s College of Business. Research is conducted from both students and faculty staff which are hand selected to perform research to advance the understanding of corporate, entrepreneurial, and institutional innovation and its impact on economic development. To me this type of class in which I’m enrolled in is a great approach to a college curriculum. By being apart of iLabs I feel like I’m getting real life experience in a specific business field, which can help in deciding what specific business field is right for me. Instead of taking tests and spending time working on group projects which usually are revolved around a fictional company in which your work was done for practically nothing. If I’m going to give my best effort and take time away from my day to work on something, I’m going to want my efforts to mean something. A typical business class in college doesn’t correctly prepare students for their career. Choosing iLab’s as a class makes it so your actually doing work that create real results for real companies. This type of learning approach is the best way for me to see problems and solutions that I will actually encounter in my career. To me this is the way college should be. Less tests and random homework assignments and more hands on experience and interaction with people in the career field you are choosing to study. Please encourage your college to adapt a class like iLabs and hopefully in the future students will be provided a more practical and useful college experience.

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