Great Free iPhone App to Download: Pulse

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Pulse News for the iPhone:

Recently I found the great app Pulse on Apple’s App Store and let me tell you this app will change the way you view your favorite websites and will also open you to many other great websites. By far the best app I have seen in which you can get relevant current news for your reading pleasure. By downloading the Pulse News app you will be exposing yourself to the best content the Internet has to offer from some of the most influential and successful companies and blogger’s in the world! This app creates a visually pleasing, organized list of featured and personally selected websites relating to…..

· Technology

· News

· Entertainment

· Business

· Lifestyle

· Science

· Art & Design

· Sports

· Fun & Humor

· Politics

· Food

The way you view your relevant content on the Pulse app is much like how you view your Facebook feed. The Pulse app displays short descriptions or a picture of what each article is about. You can choose to follow and display up to 9 different websites from any of the 11 different categories given to you.

AdWeek, Mashable, Paid Content, US Today, Co. Create, Business Insider, What’s Trending, and Harvard Business Reports are some of the great websites you can choose to follow on Pulse. There are many more to choose from so go look for yourself, download the Pulse News app for the iPhone and you will have a world of knowledge at you fingertips!

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