What social media tool do you use the most? (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr)

Tony Corsini: I would say that Twitter is my most used social media tool. I view my twitter feed every morning when I wake up to get the latest news on a very wide variety of subjects from snowboarding companies like Burton to marketing analysis companies like HubSpot. My Twitter feed is a lot like the morning newspaper for many other Americans. Twitter also is a great place for me to find key industry and consumer stats in order to excel in my career. With out a doubt Twitter has definatly made information more available to me, resulting in my life running more efficient. Key information is made available to me by selecting the right Twitter accounts to follow that best relate to where my life is and where it is headed. Straight to the point information is highly desired from me due to the hetic lifestyle associated with me and my associated generation cohort (Generation X).

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