Royal Oak Brewery- Top 4 Food Items and Overview

Over the weekend I decided to go visit one of my favorite local craft beer breweries. The Royal Oak Brewery was established in 1995 and is conveniently located at 215 E. Fourth Street, which is right off of Main Street in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. The other brewery/restaurant that is owned by this same brewery is the The Detroit Beer Co. located in downtown Detroit on Broadway Street. Both of these breweries are great places to go if you’re looking for quality hand crafted Michigan beers while also offering a great tasting menu ranging from a variety of different foods made with the highest quality ingredients. There are some differences between these 2 breweries, but they are generally the same (a full review on The Detroit Beer Co. is coming soon).

As soon I entered the Royal Oak Brewery I noticed how busy it was and the fact that everyone seemed to be in a happy mood and having fun. The atmosphere in this brewery is GREAT! This is a place where you can really feel relaxed and be friendly with everyone. It has a home town vibe to it that is hard to produce from non brewery bars.  I find this a great change of atmosphere compared to how other bars like Doc’s Sports Retreat and Bar Louie give off.  The decor and layout of the brewery is well kept and gives off a classy look to it, and the food is of the highest quality using the freshest ingredients.  Taking a date to this brewery would be a great activity to do with that special someone.  I ordered the Angry Polynesian and tried the Snowdrift Winter Ale and the Royal Oak Red craft beers.

Top 4 Menu Items:

1.    Hair of the Dog

2.    the Angry Polynesian

3.    the Hangover

4.    Korean Tacos

Located right next to the Royal Oak Brewery is Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle.  This creates the great opportunity to make a fun night for anyone.  Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle features many big named comedians making appearances as well as new up and coming comedians both local and national.  I personally have seen the comedian Dave Attell who hosted the highly successful Comedy Central show called Dave Attells Insomniac twice at the Comedy Castle in Royal Oak and was very pleased with the venue, price, and the whole show.  Many of the local comedians that came on before the main act were just as good!!! I would recommend checking out the Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle on any night!

Tony’s Suggestion: A great idea for a date night would be to take that special someone to dinner and drinks at the Royal Oak Brewery then follow it up with a comedy act at the Comedy Castle.  This can also be a great idea for you and a group of friends to do.    

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