Aspen Winter X Games 2012

ESPN’s annual winter extreme sports competition is happening this week (Thursday the 26th- Sunday the 29th of January)  Some new elements are being added to this years competition in hopes to increase viewer attendance on television.  One of the main changes to this years Winter X Games is that the Slopestyle event will now be taking place at night.  Normally this competition is held during the day.  What this means is now the slopestyle competition is going to be televised during prime time.  Slopestyle is one of the most entertaining events that takes place at the X Games and should be put into the spotlight with the other main events that ESPN and ABC televises.  Some drawbacks from moving this event to the night time is that riders will have to deal with more difficult conditions than seen during the day on the course.  The night time brings cold weather, creating icy conditions and faster speeds from the athletes.  So tune in on Saturday the 28th at 8pm to find out if the decision to move the slopestyle event to night time was a good idea or not.


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