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Hi, I’m Tony Corsini. I’m a marketing professional and Social Media Consultant in San Diego ready to use my next generation skills and experience to solve real-world business problems. Specializing in Social Media, SEO services, Website development & Content Marketing strategies I welcome you to the life, profession and blog of Tony Corsini – The NEXT Generation Marketer. Feel free to check around my site, you’ll find lots of useful Digital Marketing Tips, Trends, Stats, Articles, Examples and Insights from myself and other professional sources in the marketing and advertising field. I also offer Digital Marketing Services and would love to help your business grow! Contact today for a FREE consultation.

You will also find helpful resources and insights on the great states of Michigan and California among other useful elements.

Digtal Marketing Services in San Diego

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Explore California and Michigan

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On this site you will be Experiencing important aspects that I’ve been involved in and you’ll learn digital marketing  tips, trends, stats and best practices to strengthen your internet presence. These can be found in “Blog” postings and via my Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Google Plus profiles under the “Social Media Presence” option on the top menu of my website.


On this site you will also be Exploring what the great states of Michigan and California have to offer by visiting the Explore and Experience section.

  • Topics Include:
    • Hiking Locations
    • Biking Locations
    • Restaurants
    • Craft Breweries
    • Top Destinations to Visit
    • National & State Parks
    • Attractions & Events

If interested in information on the Marketing and Advertising scene in Michigan or California you should head on over to The Metro Detroit Marketing Scene section or The San Diego Marketing Scene section of my website!

Inspire & Motivate

On this site you will be provided various ways to get Inspired & Motivated. Quotes, music, photos and personal experiences will be shared. Elements that create and nurture Creativity can be found by visiting the Escape Through Music section, the Life Lesson section and the Inspiration and Motivation section.

Connect & Collaborate 

I am also a Digital Marketing Consultant in San Diego that loves helping small businesses grow!  I’m passionate about social media and digital marketing methods used in today’s technologically advanced society. I specialize in Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Website Design and Development, Public Relations and Event Marketing. You can see some examples of the marketing magic I’ve already created in the Portfolio section of my site or see my Digital Marketing Services I offer to start optimizing your online presence today!


Contact Now for Digital Marketing Services

Contact Now for Digital Marketing Services



My favorite aspect about the marketing field is the fact Creativity is praised and encouraged. Having the freedom to be creative allows for some truly beautiful and amazing outcomes and reactions. If you’re a fan of creativity you should visit the Infinite Creativity section and don’t forget to check back each month to see what the featured advertisement is for “The Beauty of Advertisements” section!

  • Feel free to reach out for a business opportunity or just come participate in some topics on my blog.  I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting my webpage!
Tony Corsini, Marketing Professional in San Diego

Launch your business into the NexGen with Digital Marketing Services offered by Tony Corsini

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  1. Way to go brother! Awsome job! Its only a matter of time that someone out there see’s your amazing talent you have to offer and snatches you up!!

  2. Some company in the San Diego area should hire Tony or his accomplisments are outstanding come on San Diego, he can benefit your company out there….

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